Pediatric Tui Na for Food Retention and Asthma

This course begins with an introduction to the etiology and pathogenesis of food accumulation and asthma in children. Since Tui Na massage therapy is based on the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it is necessary for this course to discuss the diagnostic points of food accumulation and asthma from the perspectives of TCM and biomedicine respectively. Biomedical diagnosis can allow Tui Na massage therapists to identify the biological mechanism of the disease, so that the treatment can be carried out on the basis of the identified disease. TCM diagnosis helps Tui Na massage therapists to identify the dialectical classification of specific diseases, so as to carry out Tui Na massage treatment in a targeted manner. This course focuses on the specific methods of Tui Na massage therapy for food accumulation and asthma based on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, including the selection of channels and acupoints and the application of Tui Na massage techniques.

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